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TWOGC endeavors to preach the unadulterated Word of the Most High to the nation to draw and save the Jews who have been ordained to salvation…Continue Reading →


TWOGC believes in the rightly divided Word of the Old and New Testament. As our understanding increases we walk accordingly…Continue Reading →


The leadership at The Way of God Church are clean and faithful men who mirror the qualifications prescribed in the Bible…Continue Reading →


[h3]Message From Pastor Smith[/h3]

As you journey through the site we are confident that you will discover a true church that is Preaching, Teaching and Living God’s Holy Divine Word.  Although we come from various corners of the earth and are very diverse; we are ONE in Christ.

The Way of God Church strives for excellence by emphasizing our love for God through obedience of the Word. Our teachings are that of Jesus Christ based on the doctrine that was prophesied by the Holy Prophets and taught by the Apostles.

You can view our services via live streaming or we encourage you to come out and worship with us at 1299 Milstead Ave Ne, Conyers, Georgia 30012. Feel free to check our calendar for upcoming events.  We are confident that when you meet us personally you will find The Way of God Church to be a warm, loving and hospitable family exemplifying the true love of Christ.

We hope that the information shared on this website will serve as an informative introduction to the true doctrine of Christ and of our church family.



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