Minister Alexander Bostic

Minister Alexander Bostic III was born in Miami Florida. He first heard of holiness around 2005 when he saw a preacher on YouTube exposing wrong doing and showing him a way to escape the captivity of sin.

Minister Bostic joined The Way of God Church in 2009 and was chosen to be a laborer in the ministry in 2011. Since taking on a Holy lifestyle he has never lived better. Most importantly through the inspired Word of the Bible, he can truly say that he is a better man, husband and father to his family. The Word has allowed him to see and understand his purpose in life.  Minister Bostic hopes to continue to help gather the lost sheep of Israel to get them back to the Father. “I desire to continue to take heed to the doctrine, for in so doing I shall save both myself and those that hear me.”

Minister Bostic is a devoted husband to his wife Keyondra Bostic and a father of two great children Amor and Alexander IV.


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