Minister Damon Jones

Minister Damon Jones was born in Kansas City, KS and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Minister Damon Jones came to The Way of God Church in 2007 after hearing Pastor Tony Smith preaching against sin. His focus was to learn who God was and what God required from his people.

In 2009, after two years of faithful service he was chosen for the ministry. Realizing a Minister is a servant to the people of God, he strives to teach the principals of the Holy Bible that will help others live a life pleasing to the Most High. Minister Damon Jones’ goal is to simplify the teaching of the Holy Bible. His mission is to show that it is possible for people to live according to God’s written standard, and be free from sin.

Minister Damon Jones is a committed husband to his wife Wendy Jones and a father of four wonderful children Kayla, DJ, Deion and Aaliyah.

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