Minister Malcolm Clements

Minister Malcolm Clements was born in Atlanta, Georgia. In the summer of 1983, Minister Malcolm sought God after having difficulty passing his physical training as an army reservist at Fort Jackson. In September he heard Pastor Shell preaching a lifestyle of holiness which he was not accustomed to. He was intrigued because he had never heard a pastor use readers to find passages in the bible. Minister Malcolm followed the radio broadcast for three weeks before deciding to lead a Holy lifestyle.

After the death of Pastor Shell, Minister Malcolm and a few members went in search of a church with a true preacher teaching and living God’s divine Word. In 2008 Minister Malcolm became a member of The Way of God Church. In 2009 he was chosen to partake in the ministry.

Minister Malcolm continues to be an example to those who know the truth and to preach the word to save those ordained to salvation. ‘I love this gospel; to me it’s the only truth out there”.

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Preaching Holiness to the nation