Minister Zachariah Thomas

Minister Zachariah Thomas was born in California’s Bay Area and raised in Sacramento, California. When Minister Zachariah first heard Pastor Smith he was intrigued because he was at a point in his life where he desired to be closer to the Lord. After hearing Pastor Smith preaching the Word, the light came on; from then on, for him, there was a continual progression toward living a Holy lifestyle.

Minister Zachariah was baptized on November 10, 2007 and since that day he has never desired to go back to a life of sin. In August 2008, after a series of trips from Los Angeles, CA to Georgia, he decided to relocate to Atlanta, GA.  After nine months of being faithful to the Word, he was chosen to be placed into the ministry in May 2009.

Minister Zachariah’s goal is to be a good servant to the Most High and His people, to teach and enlighten whomever the Lord will allow, to the truth as he has been. His prayer is that it will please the Lord to let him see Him in peace and for Him to say, well done thy good and faithful servant.



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