Pastor Smith

Pastor Tony Smith founded the Way of God Church of the Lord Jesus in January 2003 with a belief that the people of God deserve to be taught Yah’s true doctrine by a holy and sanctified preacher. His mission is to teach and preach a Word that builds strong marriages, faithful brothers, humble sisters, sober mothers and dynamic children that create holy and sanctified servants of God.

Pastor Smith has a tremendous love for the people of God and especially the sheep of his fold. From the very beginning Pastor Smith’s testimony has not changed and remains “I will not shame God, I will not shame this church and I will not shame my family.” Since being commissioned to watch over God’s people, Pastor Smith has given himself on a daily basis for the betterment and growth of the members.  Because of his dedication Yah has increased his knowledge and understanding of the Bible and has given him the ability to let his gift bare record of his work.

Although Pastor Smith did not receive any theological training he has become one of God’s chosen weapons in the war against sin. Pastor Smith has become a counselor, a leader and a teacher to people all over the world. Through the aid of technology, God has blessed his ministry to extend across the world and to touch the lives of many individuals, several of whom he has never met.

Pastor Smith has been blessed with the tongue of the learned in the Word of God which has allowed him to draw men and women of various backgrounds to a Holy lifestyle. Pastor Smith has developed a strong following due to his “no nonsense” style of ministering and determination to put a difference between Holy and unholy. He is known for his strict Bible teaching and high standard of behavior not only for himself, but for every member of TWOGC.

Pastor Smith has appeared on various talk and radio shows such as “The Lexi Show” in St. Louis, Missouri, “The Shelley Wynter Radio Show” stationed in Atlanta, Georgia, “Snakes in the Pulpit” a show airing on WEFT stationed in Champagne, Illinois, and “Blog Talk Radio”. He has also been interviewed by and featured in “UniSon” magazine and has since appeared in a special telecast airing on CNN. Pastor Smith’s ministry has truly been blessed by Yah.

Pastor Smith is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, a devoted husband to Tuwanya Smith, a son to Mother Beulah Smith, a loving father of four beautiful children Shauntia, Brice, Austin, Alexandria and grandson Solomon.

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